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BC TCO: Education Panel

by Angel Jehng, ITASA Representative Boston College 

Boston College Taiwanese Cultural Organization has always put an emphasis on education and teaching the BC community about Taiwanese culture. On Tuesday, March 18th, the club hosted “TCO presents: Education Panel” featuring five international students from Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul and of course, Taipei. Two students are exchange students, two are undergraduates and the last guest is a graduate student. The featured panelists generously spent time speaking about their educational systems in their respective home countries and answered any questions other BC students had about their education development. It is always interesting hearing about Asian educational systems and how they vary from country to country. Most BC students undergo the traditional American educational system so hearing about the different priorities, struggles and overall experiences is eye-opening. At the end of the day, despite the differences of our educational upbringing, every person in the room ended up at Boston College and is sharing our lives through the same educational institution.


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TASA Spotlight: Cornell University

By Jerry Chien, ITASA Representative Cornell University

We’re not just an Org, we are a family!

CTAS stands for Cornell Taiwanese American Society. Because Cornell is relatively isolated, our sense of community is especially strong, and CTAS is no exception. Our members are extremely tight-knit, with the majority showing up to every event we hold. We hold weekly general body meetings with activities ranging from painting paper umbrellas to a simple dinner to promote bonding. CTAS is no small commitment, but at almost any time of the day, you can find at least two of us talking about or planning the next event. Though we are not a particularly large culture club, our sense of community within makes us arguably the most engaging one!



We always kick-off the year with our annual bubble tea social on Cornell’s largest academic quad where members of the executive board serve free authentic bubble tea that comes straight from Taiwan! As our main recruiting event, we go all out in order to both promote our club and make sure all the new freshmen who pass by get to try some delicious bubble tea.


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Do you want to go to TAIWAN for the summer?

You have always heard about how people (and ITASA) described Taiwan about the people, the food, and the place. Now, there is finally a chance for YOU to go! Apply now!

Mosaic Taiwan is a fellowship exchange program for emerging US leaders wishing to gain firsthand experience of the Republic of China (Taiwan), a vibrant Asian democracy where traditional Chinese culture has prospered.

Also, just to lure you to apply: check out the food below!


Event Recap: Culture Night with CMU TSA!

By Hank Hwang, ITASA Representative

On Saturday November 23, CMU TSA hosted our annual Culture Night. For CMU TSA, we have two big events a year, one in the fall and one in the spring. For fall, it is Culture Night. Culture night is an annual performance that TSA holds to showcase the variety of cultures within the Carnegie Mellon community.

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HAPPY FINALS WEEK EVERYONE! (maybe not so happy anymore…)
ITASA just wanna adds oil (jia you) to each and every of you!  Power up that Asian-ness that your parents have long trained you with and just think about all that happiness you will get during winter break :)  Good luck!

HAPPY FINALS WEEK EVERYONE! (maybe not so happy anymore…)

ITASA just wanna adds oil (jia you) to each and every of you!  Power up that Asian-ness that your parents have long trained you with and just think about all that happiness you will get during winter break :)  Good luck!


ITASA New Bid Reader is Out!

Apply to host 2015 regional conferences — west, midwest, east!

Take a look at some of the  conferences that are going on 2014!



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ITASA Representative Spotlight: Judy Chen


Welcome our ITASA representative Judy Chen from Case Western Reserve University!  Let’s see what she has to say about herself!

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Our ITASA NOVEMBER Newsletter is out!!

Want to know what is going on with TASA all over the States or do you want to just read the creative minds and ideas of our Board?

It’s all in there!  

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ITASA: The November 2013 Edition!

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?  We hope everyone is filled with Turkey and plenty of family love :)  It’s feeling like winter now! Whoo for snow! As we are struggling to finish our semester/quarter and dealing with midterms and projects, let’s take a look at what went on this busy month of November!  

So what’s going on?

Check out the awesome events TASCs and TASAs from across the country have organized! From Night Markets to Eating contests, even a Formal! You definitely want to see the amazing events that have happened this past month. Be sure to submit your own upcoming events to be featured in our newsletters and social media!

What are TASAs across the US up to?

So this month which schools are getting the spotlight? We got schools from all over the States!  Check out how the TASAs are doing at Columbia, Ohio State University, and UC Berkeley !

TASA Spotlight: Columbia
Take a look to see how Columbia TASA works and what events they have!  


TASA Spotlight: Ohio State University
Read to learn how OSU TASA went from something small to something big that they won the ITASA Outstanding Award.  Do you want to win an ITASA Award too?  Click HERE for more information to see how you can win an award for you and your TASA!  We also have a new Philanthropy Awards!  :)  A
pplications due January 31st, 2014!


TASA Spotlight: University of California, Berkeley
Family, food, and fun — the three things guaranteed to be found within UC Berkeley TASA.


Recaps and Reflections

So many events have happened during November! This month features some cool events that occurred at ! Who knows, maybe some of these things might inspire your own local TASA! But of course, if you want something entertaining and different, be sure to read some of the creative pieces below. 

  • Ice on Ice - Tiffany Liao tells us about Wellesley College’s Shaved Ice Study Break — it might be cold, but a bowl of shaved ice drizzled with condensed milk along with various toppings like boba is all totally worth the cold!
  • CWRU TASA: NIGHT MARKET 2013- Judy Chen gives us some details about their night market, one of the biggest annual event for Case Western Reserve University!  Who can resist all those foods along with some classic ring toss?
  • Screaming Together at Six Flags - Read about how Alison (our VP) screamed along with others in our first SoCal District Mixer at Six Flags — an experience that will not be forgotten!  

ITASA Stories

Everyone has an ITASA story. We’d love to hear yours! This month, ITASA National BoardShare yours today! Written and video submissions may be submitted to

Click HERE for Sean Kow’s story!

ITASA Resources

Show off your school and challenge yourself by hosting an ITASA conference! The foundation of our programming and some of our most popular and meaningful events of the year occur at our conferences! Submit a bid and become a part of ITASA history!

Our NEW BID READER IS OUT!  All schools are encouraged and welcome to bid to host the 2015 regional conferences!  Submit your bid!

Do you think you your TASA has what it takes to be on top? Does your your TASA put on amazing programs, philanthropy initiatives, or is just all around AWESOME? Apply for an ITASA award and be recognized nationally for your hard work!

You can read more about our ITASA Awards here!

Thanks for reading and get ready for the December Christmas edition!


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ITASA Story: Sean Kow

by Sean Kow (ITASA Representative Rice University)

I joined ITASA this September after a long time of hearing about the organization, but never knowing what exactly it did. Rice University’s Taiwanese Association was invited to join ITASA, and as the vice president of external affairs, I took up the position to be RIce’s IR. Being in ITASA for just a short time, I really don’t know much about it yet, but helping to plan the UTAustin and Rice Mixer has gotten me very excited about ITASA and all the future events it has to offer.


ITASA Awards

It is the time again — the time to acknowledge all those great individuals out there helping our communities!

ITASA is proud to recognize exceptional students and organizations across the country each year. If you would like to nominate a TASA or student leader in one of the categories below, please submit a complete application to by January 31, 2014.

We will announce the winners of each ITASA Award at the ITASA 2014 East Coast Conference at Yale. Award winners will also be recognized at the ITASA 2014 Midwest Conference at UT Austin and the ITASA 2014 West Coast Conference at UC Berkeley. 

ITASA Outstanding Achievement

ITASA Outstanding Leader

ITASA Outstanding New TASA

ITASA Outstanding Philanthropy Program

ITASA Outstanding Program

Feel free to submit!!!  :)  And check out our winners last year!