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Formosa Foundation Ambassador Program – Advocacy for Taiwan

Looking for something cool to participate in this summer? Consider applying for the Formosa Foundation Ambassador Program! Read on for Ginny Wu’s account of her experience there, and then apply here

Before my two weeks with the Ambassador Program, I had been plagued by a case of pessimism for the Taiwan cause.  Fueled by a seeming lack of concern for and awareness of the issues among those around me, I couldn’t help but feel that nobody cared.  Yes I admit, politics is not the most exciting of topics for discussion.  In fact, I never imagined that I myself would ever become interested in politics, let alone decide to take part in the American political process.  But for me, I wanted change.  I wanted progress and justice.  I wanted  misperceptions cleared and justice served, but what more — I didn’t want to feel hopeless.

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