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Our ITASA NOVEMBER Newsletter is out!!

Want to know what is going on with TASA all over the States or do you want to just read the creative minds and ideas of our Board?

It’s all in there!  

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ITASA: The November 2013 Edition!

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?  We hope everyone is filled with Turkey and plenty of family love :)  It’s feeling like winter now! Whoo for snow! As we are struggling to finish our semester/quarter and dealing with midterms and projects, let’s take a look at what went on this busy month of November!  

So what’s going on?

Check out the awesome events TASCs and TASAs from across the country have organized! From Night Markets to Eating contests, even a Formal! You definitely want to see the amazing events that have happened this past month. Be sure to submit your own upcoming events to be featured in our newsletters and social media!

What are TASAs across the US up to?

So this month which schools are getting the spotlight? We got schools from all over the States!  Check out how the TASAs are doing at Columbia, Ohio State University, and UC Berkeley !

TASA Spotlight: Columbia
Take a look to see how Columbia TASA works and what events they have!  


TASA Spotlight: Ohio State University
Read to learn how OSU TASA went from something small to something big that they won the ITASA Outstanding Award.  Do you want to win an ITASA Award too?  Click HERE for more information to see how you can win an award for you and your TASA!  We also have a new Philanthropy Awards!  :)  A
pplications due January 31st, 2014!


TASA Spotlight: University of California, Berkeley
Family, food, and fun — the three things guaranteed to be found within UC Berkeley TASA.


Recaps and Reflections

So many events have happened during November! This month features some cool events that occurred at ! Who knows, maybe some of these things might inspire your own local TASA! But of course, if you want something entertaining and different, be sure to read some of the creative pieces below. 

  • Ice on Ice - Tiffany Liao tells us about Wellesley College’s Shaved Ice Study Break — it might be cold, but a bowl of shaved ice drizzled with condensed milk along with various toppings like boba is all totally worth the cold!
  • CWRU TASA: NIGHT MARKET 2013- Judy Chen gives us some details about their night market, one of the biggest annual event for Case Western Reserve University!  Who can resist all those foods along with some classic ring toss?
  • Screaming Together at Six Flags - Read about how Alison (our VP) screamed along with others in our first SoCal District Mixer at Six Flags — an experience that will not be forgotten!  

ITASA Stories

Everyone has an ITASA story. We’d love to hear yours! This month, ITASA National BoardShare yours today! Written and video submissions may be submitted to

Click HERE for Sean Kow’s story!

ITASA Resources

Show off your school and challenge yourself by hosting an ITASA conference! The foundation of our programming and some of our most popular and meaningful events of the year occur at our conferences! Submit a bid and become a part of ITASA history!

Our NEW BID READER IS OUT!  All schools are encouraged and welcome to bid to host the 2015 regional conferences!  Submit your bid!

Do you think you your TASA has what it takes to be on top? Does your your TASA put on amazing programs, philanthropy initiatives, or is just all around AWESOME? Apply for an ITASA award and be recognized nationally for your hard work!

You can read more about our ITASA Awards here!

Thanks for reading and get ready for the December Christmas edition!


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Formosa Foundation Ambassador Program – Advocacy for Taiwan

Looking for something cool to participate in this summer? Consider applying for the Formosa Foundation Ambassador Program! Read on for Ginny Wu’s account of her experience there, and then apply here

Before my two weeks with the Ambassador Program, I had been plagued by a case of pessimism for the Taiwan cause.  Fueled by a seeming lack of concern for and awareness of the issues among those around me, I couldn’t help but feel that nobody cared.  Yes I admit, politics is not the most exciting of topics for discussion.  In fact, I never imagined that I myself would ever become interested in politics, let alone decide to take part in the American political process.  But for me, I wanted change.  I wanted progress and justice.  I wanted  misperceptions cleared and justice served, but what more — I didn’t want to feel hopeless.

Read More


Nominate your TASA/TASC/TAO etc. for an ITASA award now!

Because seriously, who doesn’t want a SAP (Sweet-Ass Plaque) to show the world that you’ve done something right?

Deadline: January 23, 2012 (10 DAYS)